Features & benefits

The [AXIOM] is a rugged LED bunker light designed with a premium aluminium body to withstand harsh environments in residential, industrial and commercial applications. It's tool-less gear tray ensures an easy installation


Part number Power cct Lumen output beam angle Dimension
OA-265-10W120-x 10W 3000K 800lm 120° ∅⌀265 x 90mm
OA-265-10C120-x 10W 4000K 800lm 120° ∅⌀265 x 90mm
OA-360-16W120-x 16W 3000K 1300lm 120° ∅⌀360 x 105mm
OA-360-16C120-x 16W 4000K 1300lm 120° ∅⌀360 x 105mm
OA-265-10W120-xV 10W 3000K 650lm 120° ∅⌀265 x 90mm
OA-265-10C120-xV 10W 4000K 650lm 120° ∅⌀265 x 90mm
OA-360-11W120-xV 11W 3000K 700lm 120° ∅⌀360 x 112mm
OA-360-11C120-xV 11W 4000K 700lm 120° ∅⌀360 x 112mm


Spec Sheet