Features & Benefits

The [HALO] is a premium downlight with an advanced front lens to reduce glare and ensure optimal light output, this coupled with a unique heat sink design sets it apart from the competition. With 30 degrees of angle adjustment this gimbal fitting ensures versatility for a range of applications.


Part number Power cct Lumen output beam angle Dimension
DH-25-5W60 5W 3000K 475lm 60° ∅80 X 30mm
DH-25-5C60 5W 4000K 525lm 60° ∅80 X 30mm
DH-25-5D60 5W 5700K 520lm 60° ∅80 X 30mm
DH-35-8W60 8W 3000K 720lm 60° ∅110 X 49.5mm
DH-35-8C60 8W 4000K 805lm 60° ∅110 X 49.5mm
DH-35-8D60 8W 5700K 780lm 60° ∅110 X 49.5mm


Spec Sheet