Features & Benefits

The [HALO] is a market-leading and highly versatile LED downlight. It is capable of 30 degrees of angle adjustment as well as featuring an advanced front lens designed to reduce glare and ensure optimal illumination. The IP65 body allows for installation in both interior and exterior applications.


Part number Power cct Lumen output beam angle Dimension
DH-25-5W60 5W 3000K 475lm 60° 80 X 30mm
DH-25-5C60 5W 4000K 525lm 60° 80 X 30mm
DH-25-5D60 5W 5700K 520lm 60° 80 X 30mm
DH-35-8W60 8W 3000K 720lm 60° 110 X 49.5mm
DH-35-8C60 8W 4000K 805lm 60° 110 X 49.5mm
DH-35-8D60 8W 5700K 780lm 60° 110 X 49.5mm


Spec Sheet