Features & benefits

The [TITAN] range of LED floodlights are the toughest and most powerful lights in Teknik’s range. Designed to replace conventional floodlights, the [TITAN] is a versatile fitting offering a variety of custom optics to enhance efficiency and light spread. The [TITAN] range includes eight different outputs, each designed to replace conventional floodlights with a wattage between 125W & 2kW, giving a more efficient and improved lighting solution.

Part number Power cct Lumen output beam angle Dimension
FT-80D-85X135 80W 5000K 9200lm 85 x 135° 440 x 248 x 98mm
FT-160D-85X135 160W 5000K 18600lm 85 x 135° 440 x 365 x 98mm
FT-240D-85X135 240W 5000K 26800lm 85 x 135° 440 x 520 x 98mm
FT-320D-85X135 320W 5000K 35850lm 85 x 135° 440 x 675 x 98mm
FT-480D-85X135 480W 5000K 53700lm 85 x 135° 655 x 525 x 132mm
FT-960D-85X135 960W 5000K 104200lm 85 x 135° 655 x 990 x 132mm


Spec Sheet