Features & benefits

The [TITAN] range has been specifically designed to handle the toughest environments and conditions. These versatile fittings are available with a variety of custom optics to enhance efficiency and light spread. They are available with outputs to match conventional applications of 125W up to 2kW.

Part number Power cct Lumen output beam angle Dimension
FT-80D-85X135 80W 5000K 9200lm 85 x 135° ∅440 x 248 x 98mm
FT-160D-85X135 160W 5000K 18600lm 85 x 135° ∅440 x 365 x 98mm
FT-240D-85X135 240W 5000K 26800lm 85 x 135° ∅440 x 520 x 98mm
FT-320D-85X135 320W 5000K 35850lm 85 x 135° ∅440 x 675 x 98mm
FT-480D-85X135 480W 5000K 53700lm 85 x 135° ∅655 x 525 x 132mm
FT-960D-85X135 960W 5000K 104200lm 85 x 135° ∅655 x 990 x 132mm


Spec Sheet