Features & benefits

Capable of delivering in excess of 170lm/W, the [PRIME] is a blend of super high efficiency and robust construction ideal for premium and industrial applications. Available in two sizes and three wattages, the [PRIME] is also equipped with a unique front lens that reduces glare and maximises effective light. A motion sensor kit is also available by special order.


Part number Power cct Lumen output beam angle Dimension
HP-85D 85W 5000K 14500lm 60/ 90/ 120° ∅300 x 142mm
HP-120D 120W 5000K 20500lm 60/ 90/ 120° ∅300 x 142mm
HP-200D 200W 5000K 31000lm 60/ 90/ 120° ∅330 x 201mm


Spec Sheet